THE Home Care Sales Event 

For Home Care, Home Health, Hospice Owners, Admins, Managers & CEO's


IGNITE Your Revenue Engine:

High Growth Strategies in Challenging Times

November 1-3, 2023  LIVE- Virtual Event  10-5 CT

  • Unlock the one advantage YOU have as an Owner/Administrator so that you make double the impact in half the time!
  • Implement a simple strategy for GROWING referrals, recruiting, and retention. 
  • Secure high-value private pay clients, extended Hospice stays, and PDGM patient types in Home Health so that you get off the revenue rollercoaster!
  • Stay clear of potential pitfalls when hiring and onboarding a new rep so that they get to production faster!
  • Embrace the RepMastery framework for drama-free marketing & sales management.
  • At the end of the event you will have DESIGNED your PERSONAL Sales & Field Marketing Management Playbook for your agency! 

Sales/ Field Marketing & Sales Management 

doesn't have to be hard...

You are struggling to get access to referral sources?

And once you got in, did they want to hear your message?

Maybe you did a lunch for $300! and the Dr.

Or you are not quite sure how to recruit, hire, and manage your marketer to their greatest production? There is A LOT of activity - but not a lot of results, and you aren't sure how to best help them.

And what about the DRAMA? Whew - that Ops-Sales rub is real!

Not to mention staffing - without caregivers, nurses, and therapists, you have nothing to sell 
SO why even HAVE a marketer?

I have experienced it too.

Over the last 25 years, I have been a sales rep out in the field, I have coached and managed teams in Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice, and I can relate to how tough it is out there in the trenches! 

The Home Care Sales Virtual Event is the proven system that guarantees you can grow referrals, recruit and manage a sales superstar (even if that first sales superstar is YOU!)  by leveraging a proven framework that will help you and your team gain access to referral sources and allow you to get your message HEARD so you can manage your team with ease and have high-value referrals pouring into your agency!


The New R3 rep post COVID that can convert even during the referral rollercoaster, and why many owners and admins are hiring the wrong reps for today’s landscape –  it could be you!

  • Owners/ Admins - how to market and get referrals if YOU are the Salesperson! (Hint: You have a huge untapped advantage to get more in less time.)
  • The 5 sentences that will eliminate the friction between you and your rep. and the BIGGEST mistake owners and administrators make with their marketers. 
  • The simple strategy for GROWING referrals, recruiting, and retention by engaging your rep. It’s not just an HR function.
  • What matters most to your referral sources and what you should NEVER do!
  • The simple RepMastery framework for owners/ administrators to eliminate the drama and hold reps accountable. The framework does all the heavy lifting.
  • The Non-Negotiables to look for during the hiring process and the signs that tell you to STAY AWAY!
  • Orientation and training – How to get them up to production FAST even when you don’t have time. 
  • The 4-letter word that is not a swear word – that is going to make your coaching meetings a breeze and on task!
  • OH NO!  WHAT is my rep SAYING?  Wondering what your rep says to referral sources?  Word Tracks even advanced sales reps love to say! 
  • WAYS to PAY your salesperson that keep them motivated, and the comp plans to AVOID!
  • Mapping out YOUR timeline for success.


  • Why 2024 is going to be a blockbuster year and how you can be ready to lead the rally.
  • How COVID made the way we market and sell harder (but totally worth it when your agency is on the inside).

What if you could wake up every day and know you had a clear game plan for growth and how to hold your reps accountable today… and every single day after that?

Which is why I am inviting you to join my 3-Day Live Online Virtual Event  - THE Home Care Sales Event for Home Health, Home Care & Hospice owners, administrators, and CEO's.

Discover the System for Repeatable Referrals. Craft your playbook to ensure uncompromising rep accountability. Learn the art of gaining entry into the most challenging accounts. Lead Your Team with Grace and Precision, Leaving Drama in the Dust, All Thanks to the epowering RepMastery Framework

Come join us LIVE- in our NEW virtual EVENT ROOM and discover the proven tactics and techniques that are taking the field by storm TODAY!

Say goodbye to...

Money Down The Drain

No More Splurging on Unnecessary Lunches, Starbucks, or Trinkets!

Embrace Your Role as a Post-Acute Care Powerhouse and Educator. 

The Torturous Waiting Game

Speed Up Your Reps' Productivity with a Crystal-Clear, Time-Saving Onboarding Journey!


Welcome Structured Sales & Marketing Protocols - Where Order Reigns, Freedom Thrives!

With Structure comes FREEDOM!  Walk away from the event confidently with a clear sales & marketing management playbook.

Find out how to gain high-value referrals and production out of your marketer or sales rep without trial and error or a ton of time!

The Home Care Sales Event is your Golden Ticket!

I want to be there! - COUNT ME IN!

What you really need is...

  • A formula to get into the accounts to educate them on your services!
  • A clear agreement on the goals and activities needed to propel your rep to productivity
  • A proven framework to hold your rep accountable in an easy weekly meeting
  • A weekly educational message that speaks directly to your referral sources that reach into their current caseload and plucks out the exact high-value patient referral you want! - No more crummy referrals

And guess what? ... you are in the right place!

Your Virtual Event Host:
Melanie Stover

Melanie started Home Care Sales twenty-five years ago from her dining room in TN. 

As an Occupational Therapist who worked for VNA, she saw first-hand that home health was where the rubber met the road and the IMPACT home-based services made with patients and families. 

She believed that Home Health, Home Care, and Hospice were one of the greatest secrets in healthcare. 

She KNEW, by using an educational approach she could expand the knowledge base of referral sources AND get people the care they deserved! 


She has served as a coach, mentor, and sales leader to some of the best agencies in the country.

She is known for her diagnosis-based selling techniques and for bridging the gap between clinical/ops and sales. 

The key to her success is her practical, proven protocols that give representatives and owners repeatable referrals and results.  

Rooted in her clinical background, she elevates the conversation of home health, hospice, and in-home care to new levels, helps agencies get a seat at the post-acute care table, and expands their presence and influence so that you can do what you do best – care for more patients and clients! 

Her "Selling = Profound Service" and Your mission is BIGGER than their “No” mindset, along with her referral generating systems, have helped her clients double and triple their revenues with raving referral sources year after year!


COVID hit us hard...

It was 2020, and we went from coaching teams of salespeople to in "seven days' time", having every sales rep we worked with told to go home. 

We were unsure of what to do but we knew we had to support our caregivers, the clinical teams, and the offices. 

We may not have been getting referrals like we were just a week ago, but we knew we had a role to play, and that is when the R3 rep was born. 

HCS was known as a results-oriented, driving-sales-team type of firm. 

Often the reps we coached and managed were top performing, high-impact lone wolfs. 

In those first few months of working with the teams to create value for the agencies we served, we had to retool.  The reps needed new skills. Sales mediums became phone, email, and videos overnight. 

We needed to care for our internal staff, caregivers, and clinicians, as well as, try and recruit staff to help the ever influx of patients and clients who wanted to be at home and not in an SNF or Hospital at all costs.  

Over the next 3 years, we continuously evolved and upgraded skill sets in the field-marketing and sales teams, the coaching and train the trainer programs.

Now we have a new kind of rep who is winning, and we build them.  They are well-rounded and integrated into the teamwork of the clinical/ Ops departments. 

For those owners and admins who are in the field marketing themselves, they find this style of selling to be more in alignment with their soul as a provider. 

For the owners and admins who manage and lead these new teams, it’s a different experience than just 3 short years ago - the rules have changed. 

This is the first live event since our last Growth Summit in 2019. 

We have tons of lessons to share, and this virtual event feels like the perfect way to give back to the industry we love that has been our life work and given us so much!


With the THE Home Care Sales Event you don't just get ANOTHER zoom where the presenter talks at you

You will DESIGN a blueprint to customize your agency so that when you complete the event you have a clear and confident path to productivity and profit for your marketing and sales team (even if that salesperson is YOU!)
And a community of like-minded owners and administrators cheering your on!  

Everything you need to tackle your marketing & sales uncertainty and leave the event confident and clear on your growth path! 


You'll have us in your corner

During our Time Together We’ll Focus on….

Day 1 - Elevate Your Status

Its time to Elevate the conversation about Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice and GET a Seat at the Post-Acute Care Table!

  • Learn what is an R3 rep and why they are winning now.
  • Owner / Administrator as marketer - discover your one BIG advantage and use it to make twice the impact in half the time.
  • The simple strategy for GROWING referrals, recruiting, and retention engaging your rep across the continuum
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE to AVOID with your marketers and salespeople.
  • What matters most to your referral sources and what you should NEVER do!
  • Top data-driven conversations for referral sources to become a resource and increase your professional identity!

This is a make it  happen day. Roll up your sleeves and lets customize your PLAYBOOK!

Use our proven R3 framework and craft your own R3 rep plan and process customized to your own agency!

Day 2 - Expand Your Revenue

Now that we have the foundation of an R3 Rep, it's time to discover how to motivate, lead and manage your R3 Rep!

  • Discover The simple RepMastery framework for owners/ administrators to eliminate the drama and hold reps accountable. The framework does all the heavy lifting.
  • Learn the Non-Negotiables to use during the hiring process that will quickly weed out the reps that are not going to be a good fit.
  • Get clear on an orientation and training timeline that will get your reps to production quickly.
  • Design a coaching meeting framework that will keep the conversation in between the ditches - focused and efficient.
  • Explore the BEST WAYS to PAY your salesperson and the comp plans to AVOID!

As you fill out your own playbook you will have clarity and confidence in your next steps!

Day 3 - Engage Your Team

Our last day together is designed to put your ideas into action

  • Discover the top methods to gain high-value patients/ clients. Choose your top 3 for your agency’s blueprint.
  • Create word tracks to capture right-fit referrals that deliver high hours for private pay, longer lengths of stay for hospice, and high-value patient types for PDGM in HH
  • Map out a timeline with a detailed action plan


You are Unstoppable!
You are Ignited and Fired up!

Hannah A.

Business Development Leader

Good Samaritan Society - Home Care, Home Health, Hospice

"Home Care Sales really helped to build my 
confidence when talking with referral sources!

used to be intimidated by the sales process and now feel prepared to walk into any physician’s office.

The training content and online tools give me substantive talking points to continually grow our business."


Say Goodbye to trying to do it on your own!

Bust through the wall of uncertainty of sales and sales management with THE Home Care Sales Event giving you all the resources & support you need to... 

  • Gain ACCESS to accounts using tools you ALREADY have
  • ELIMINATE the DRAMA with a deceptively simple meeting framework for a Results based weekly sales/marketing meeting    - 
  • Make sure you are headed in the right direction every day with a clear agreement between you and your marketer/ sales rep that provides a true north compass.
  •  Identify a new salesperson when you are ready to hire using your current resources.
  • Create competitive differentiators to get the referrals you want!
  • Activate your marketer/ sales rep as a lynchpin in your recruiting and retention of your ops and clinical/ caregiver staff.

Kelly Nichols - Administrator

TN Quality

"It has been just one month since we instituted the HCS High Performance Sales Process and we have had a growth of 13% in just one-month.

This was 19 more episodic admissions in Just 30 days!

I can’t wait to see what next month does! "


This is just what I need!

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Hello there, I'm ...

An Occupational Therapist turned Sales Pro in Home Health, Home Care & Hospice

Over the last 23 yrs I have been inside some of the most successful agencies and have pulled the best practices for this event.

Say Goodbye to struggling on your own!

Get insiders secrets to access accounts so that you can get your educational message to the right referral sources and know that you always have us in your corner to help you every step of the way.

Create a customized blueprint for your agency so that you can leave the event with clarity and an actionable plan for execution and success! 

Own your Marketing & Sales Productivity!  Sales = Profound Service! 

...there is something in this Event just for you!

If you're looking to uplevel your referrals and lead your team you are in the right place!  With Structure comes FREEDOM!

The Home Care Sales Event

is for you if... 

  • You are an owner, administrator, CEO of a Home Care, Home Health or Hospice who is responsible for marketing & sales
  • You will do whatever it takes to achieve revenue growth (Of course that is legal and ethical)
  • You are growth-minded rather than status quo.
  • You are willing to learn new tactics and are an implementor.
  • You have a desire to serve more deeply and impact more lives.
  • You want an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system with sales and sales management so you can have a high-producing marketer or sales person
  • You appreciate having a mentor to help you when you get stuck

The Home Care Sales Event

is NOT for you if...

  • You are NOT someone who goes to an event and then doesn't take action
  • You expect that sales or sales management will be SO easy and you won't have to put in any time in effort
  • You always make excuses and blame others when things don't work
  • You are NOT willing to help your sales team with tools and tactics.
  • You don’t have any patients or clients on service.
  • You are focused on the problems & not the solutions
  • You buy lots of courses but never finish or even start them

Marilyn Bakarich - Sales Manager 

Faith Home Health & Hospice

"I love to support my sales team and with Cheryl and Melanie’s help all year long, I’m able to achieve that."

My promise to you

We promise that if by the end of our first day together, you don’t think you will see a 10x RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you can notify our team on the 1st day, excuse yourself from the event and we will reimburse 100% of your ticket.

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This is just what I need!



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